Retinol Eye Stick


Retinol Eye Stick

Brand: Peace Out
Skin Type: All, Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal
Product Benefits: Moisturize
Use: Face
Scent: Unscented
Special Ingredients: Retinol

About this item

  • Peace Out Retinol Eye Stick: Tired eyes? Dark circles? Don’t know them. This power-packed multitasking balm visibly boosts bounce, increases moisture levels and is safe for sensitive skin.
  • Experience Immediate and Long-Term Results: Our innovative formula hydrates, refines, and helps protect against environmental stressors, helping diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and under eye puffiness.
  • Easy to Use: After your nightly cleanse, glide the eye stick around the entire eye area using small, circular motions. Start with once a week to allow skin to adjust to the retinol.
  • Effective Ingredients: Harness the benefits of encapsulated retinol, power peptide complex, vegan squalane and astaxanthin to combat signs of aging for a more youthful appearance.  Always clean, vegan and cruelty-free.
  • The Experts in Acne Prone Skin: Peace Out Skincare’s mission is to help you bring peace to your skin through effective, clean and fun skincare solutions.


Tired eyes? Dark Circles? We don’t know them. Our power-packed retinol under-eye serum balm helps kick fine lines, discoloration & milia outta here.

Get your eyes on this prize (a.k.a our Retinol Eye Stick!) Formulated to refine, hydrate and guard against environmental nasties in one step, this do-it-all serum-balm now has the perfect glide to help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles AND overall skin texture (including those pesky small white bumps, milia!).

Star players like encapsulated retinol, peptides, and Astaxanthin (an antioxidant that studies found to be 6000x stronger than Vitamin C) work together to boost your skin’s natural moisture barrier, delivering you brighter, bouncier, more even-looking skin.


– After your nightly cleanse, glide Retinol Eye Stick around the entire eye area. Be sure not to tug on delicate skin.
– For an extra smooth application, warm it up to swipe like a pro! Start on the outer edge of the eye and apply in small, circular motions before full application.
– Sensitive skin? Try 1x/week to allow skin to adjust to the retinol.
– Pro-Tip: Continue kicking those annoying dark circles to the curb when you wake up in the morning by applying Peace Out Puffy Eyes during your AM routine.

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