Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy

Color: White
Brand: LightStim
Product Benefits: Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
Item Form: Handle
Skin Type: All
Package Information: Box

About this item

Give yourself the beautiful skin you deserve. Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Nourish your skin from within.


LightStim for wrinkles is FDA cleared to treat wrinkles on the entire face. It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Awards: Pure Beauty Award

Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

We suggest using your light 5-7 days a week, 3 minutes per area. Keep in mind you are looking in the mirror on a daily basis, therefore it is important to take a photo of the targeted areas prior to starting treatment and then again after 2 months

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