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Naveen December 6, 2023 4 min read 0 Comment
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Myth vs. Reality: Natural Skincare Edition

In the beauty and skincare world, natural and organic remedies have never been more popular.

And with that popularity has come a myth or misconception to match nearly every product on the market. In this post, I’m busting myths and taking names.

Not like… every myth because that would take forever. Instead, I’m focusing on the most common misunderstandings I hear all the time as a Skin Care Expert.

Get ready for the truth about these 8 common natural skincare myths:

Myth #1: Organic Equals Natural

One thing I am so over hearing is terms like organic and natural are used as if they mean the same thing. One of the biggest myths about natural skincare that you’ve definitely seen, like, everywhere is that these terms are interchangeable.

Fact: While organic products often go hand in hand with natural ingredients, the two are not the same. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Organic skincare: This term means that some or all of the ingredients in a product come from natural sources, grown without using artificial chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizer.

Natural skincare: Products that are without synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, many with ingredients that are commonly found in nature, can be considered natural skincare.

This distinction is important because natural skin care does not necessarily use organic ingredients and vice versa.

If your goal is to avoid pesticides and growth hormones, you’ll want to focus on finding the organic label. Check for the natural label if you are mostly concerned with parabens and other chemicals.

Organic skincare resource
Natural skin care resource

Myth #2: Myth: Expensive Products Work Better

When you spend big $$$ on a skincare product, you may feel like you just ‘invested’ in your skin. Think about it – without that extra dash of justification, you might not even have made that purchase.

Fact: The price of a product does not equal its effectiveness. Often, high-end brands are all luxurious packaging and influencer marketing, driving up their costs without a difference in performance or quality.

So, what’s more important than the price? My good friends, active ingredients. In skincare, these ingredients target specific concerns like acne, fine lines, etc., Instead of hyperfocusing on the price tag, learn to read labels and understand active ingredients.

Myth #3: Natural Products Work Better

All-natural or all-organic skincare products are just… oh, what’s the word? Oh yeah, ‘better.’ Stuff from nature just works ‘better.’

Fact: Look, you know I’m a huge natural beauty advocate. Between my very own plant-based skincare line that I’m currently working on and my career as a Skin Care Expert, you could say that I’m more than a little passionate about this field.

However, I’m here to tell the truth, not BS you (that’s why you love me!). So here it is, straight up –

While organic and natural skincare has many benefits, the effectiveness of these ingredients can not always keep up with the results provided by chemicals or technology.

One example of this is in the realm of anti-aging. While there are tons of excellent anti-aging products available, nothing will give you the results of, say, fractural lasers for skin resurfacing.

Myth #4: If it’s Burnin’, it’s Workin’

Let me paint you a picture: You just spent $300 on the latest natraganic skin cream you saw on Tiktok. You get home, unwrap the layers of fancy packaging, and slather on a thick coating of the new miracle cream.

Your face burns. You smile, feeling confident that your skincare concern is burning away.

Fact: When the product you apply is stinging or burning, it’s causing some sort of allergic reaction. Period. Wash your face right away, and don’t use the product anymore.
Apply a layer of fresh aloe vera or grab an ice pack wrapped with a thin towel. Products that contain lemon or citrus tend to burn – but remember, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s right.

Myth #5: This Scrub is Natural So I Can Use It Daily

Another skincare myth I always hear, word for word, is, “Using an exfoliant multiple times a day can be harsh on your skin…unless it happens to be a natural or organic product. Then, it’s fine.”

Fact: Look, the thing is, we all love using face scrubs. Those homemade sugar scrubs you concocted with your bestie last time you hosted a cocktail night at your house? That $30 oatmeal product you scored from Target? Totally fine to use them (I love a good scrub!), but just like chemical exfoliants, moderation is key. Once daily or every other day is plenty.

Remember, just because a product is natural doesn’t mean it won’t damage your skin, especially with overuse.

Myth #6: Natural is Basically Eco-Friendly

All natural skincare is sustainable and eco-friendly. Therefore, when I buy from nature, I’m buying for nature.

Fact: Natural ingredients can impact the environment, the same as any other product that requires mass production and distribution. Factors such as deforestation, habitat disruption, and excessive water consumption in the cultivation of botanical resources can impact the environment. One way to combat this is to go for products with eco-friendly packaging to minimize their environmental footprint.

Myth #7: You Can Get Rid of Wrinkles and Fine Lines Using Only Natural Products

Products found in nature have been around forever, so they must work in ways modern-day scientists just don’t understand. So regarding anti-aging, Mother Nature can cause actual results, something chemicals can’t do.

Fact: Whether it is creams or lasers, there are tons of anti-aging options with tall claims like “take 25 years off your face overnight” or “look as young as you feel with this product.” But truthfully and sadly, these are just marketing gimmicks. There is no natural product that will do these things.

There’s also no artificial product or technique that will turn back time. Reduction is a more realistic goal.

Actually, several anti-aging products are formulated with powerful ingredients like retinol or glycolic acid. These potent ingredients are effective for aging skin, as they can slow down the signs of time, but again, they’re not a complete time machine.

Whether you’re going full organic or drugstore chic, no product will completely erase the signs of aging.

Myth #8: No Shelf life, No Problem

Organic and natural skincare products have an infinite shelf life. Don’t even bother looking at that expiration date, sis.

Fact: Nothing lasts forever! Like all beauty products, natural and organic skincare items have a limited shelf life and will degrade over time. Always check and respect expiration dates.

Myth: That’s It For Us

You know you liked my post. So comment below and let me know! Also, make sure to check out other stories I’ve written about natural skincare.

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