Charcoal Infused Bath & Shower Gloves

Charcoal Infused Bath & Shower Gloves

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Brand: EcoTools

About this item

  • The EcoTools Charcoal Bath + Shower Gloves are perfect for a better control while cleansing and exfoliating
  • Charcoal helps to detoxify and purify the skin all while making it soft to the touch
  • Pair the exfoliating gloves with your favorite body wash for an even deeper clean
  • Perfect for a medium exfoliation before applying self-tanner
  • The bath and shower gloves fit most hand sizes and are great for removing dry skin all over the body
  • The charcoal infused gloves promote healthy skin and help to activate blood circulation

The EcoTools Charcoal Bath + Shower Gloves are a multipurpose exfoliating glove to help remove dry skin and detoxify. Charcoal is said to have skin-purifying benefits and will help you achieve soft, healthy-looking skin. Slip your hands into the gloves, wet, apply body wash, and massage all over the body. Pair the Charcoal Bath + Shower Gloves with your favorite cleansers, washes, and scrubs for an even deeper clean. They also work great at both exfoliating before applying self-tanner and removing self-tanner. These Ecotools exfoliating gloves are an excellent addition to both men and women’s bath or shower routine.

EcoTools bath and skincare products are named for their quality, durability, and stability. Our items are 100% vegan and have never been tested on animals, making them cruelty-free as well. We believe in reducing waste and using recycled aluminum and recycled plastic in our products. Clean Beauty. Clean Planet. EcoTools has you covered from head-to-toe to keep you and the planet glowing. From exceptional makeup brushes and blenders to crystal face rollers to a variety of practical bath brushes and accessories, our products are not only effective, but they are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The Delicate Ecopouf made with recycled netting, turns any bath into a spa experience while makeup brush sets like the Start the Day Beautiful Kit help achieve a natural makeup look. EcoTools is the perfect addition to any beauty routine.

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    Courtney Goins

    Texture felt a little rough to me at first but i got use to it as i continued to use them. Over all i like them you can definitely tell the difference between this amd a regular wash rag. I recommend

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    These are way too soft to effectively exfoliate. Also, they seemed well made at first, but I noticed a hole in one glove after only one use. Bummer!

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    Elisa Sauceda Alce

    When the local store runs out. I can always find things here on Amazon. I like my shower gloves and this was a good bundle quantity. They are nice and soft on my skin.

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    Bonnie Guo

    These are my favorite exfoliating gloves. But these are slightly thinner than if you bought them at cvs.

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    Best purchase

    Super happy with my purchase! The appearance of the gloves are great, thickness just right and it does a great job at exfoliating the skin! I pretty much have my entire family hooked on these glove!

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    Amazon Customer

    They wash our bodies very well! Through them in the washer and dryer with the towels. They have been great 👍🏽

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    Granny Ho-Ho

    I’m very picky about my shower gloves. The Body Shop used to have my favorite pair but they replaced them with awful ones. So after much searching, found these and they are perfect. Highly recommend. Just the right amount of roughness.

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    I’ve been using gloves in place of rags for years and these gloves are the best ones so far. I washed and dried upon receiving, and they held up very well. No smells, no tears, no strings hanging. They feel great and can accommodate my hands with and without nails. I split them with my boyfriend and he loves them too. Will be ordering again.

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    Denese Fletcher

    These are sturdy and well made. They are more for exfoliation but they clean very well. I would buy these again.

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    They’re not bad, but no the absolute best either. But I would definitely repurchase because of the price, they do the job for a good price.

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    L. Maese

    Just like the title says “wake up your skin “. These gloves are great for dry rubs of your skin before shower or bath however, they are great to use in the shower or bath water to get the grime off your body after a day of working in the yard or working out at the gym PPL

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    Use it when I shower

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    Bought these to exfoliate before using a self tanner. I have soft skin as it is, as I am big on moisturizing had no idea how amazingly better it could be!! Buy these!!! This exact type! You will not regret it!!

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    I love these gloves. I’ve had a few different versions of them (the green ones and the white ones) from EcoTools. The black are the most abrasive version, but are still soft enough to use several times per week.

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    These are better quality than most you see at the stores. I will be buying more.

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    It makes my skin incredibly soft! I love it so much!

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    Mary S.

    I went for quanity and not quality when I purchased these gloves. They really don’t exfoliate your skin (feels more like a wash cloth.) I would not recommend or purchase again.

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    Mrs. Bee

    Feels good when bathing.

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    Kindle Customer

    I love these. They are great at exfoliating and a good value.

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    Rachel O.

    These gloves are amazing! I have two pairs. One for my body and the other for exfoliating my face. They not only are great for exfoliating, but also the best way to make sure your entire body gets the much needed massage to improve circulation, etc.

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    chrissy clarke

    I like it leaves skin very smooth after

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    Edward C Mackall Jr

    Does The Job

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    Susie Pratt

    These gloves are very plush and I still feel clean after. I also feel exfoliated vs scraped raw like some thinner scratchier gloves. These are perfect!

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    Joseph M.

    I like these. They are great for exfoliating. But be aware, they are very coarse. If you have sensitive skin, I do not advise. But they are fine for me and work well at removing dead skin and preventing ingrown.

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    Amazon Customer

    Love these gloves and my smooth skin after each shower! They’re tight but they stretch as you put them on and with continued use get better. They will fit most hands except XL or bigger. Tip: be sure to rinse them well after each use, ring out the water, and hang them to dry. They’ll last longer that way.

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    Clean your feet with these gloves on and you’ll never clean them without them.

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    RoseMarie McCandless

    They say they are gentle exfoliating, and when you feel them they feel soft and like they couldn’t possibly work well…but they do! Very happy with the level of exfoliation when wet.

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    It’s ok so far..

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    Cassandra Wiltermoood

    They are rough which I prefer and dark which hides the fact I wear self tanner.

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    Kindle CustomerKindle Customer

    The shower gloves are advertised as six pairs that come together with one purchase. I only received one pair of the gloves instead of six and I don’t believe one pair is worth the $22 cost.

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    Christine DChristine D

    These are my favorite exfoliating gloves because they work and are eco friendly. I am so happy they sell packs of them now. I never run out. Instead of having to wait for them to come in the mail; I can easily grab the replacement right out of the cabinet. They are very durable and last very long. I exchange mine regularly for preference, but they are always still in great shape when I do.

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    American patriot

    These are super thin and our first single use

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    I exfoliate daily , great with lightening soaps

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    I bath with them every night. Since then my body has been smoother. I love exfoliating.

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    Medium exfoliation, machine washable, fits well. Only drawback is that label says made in China. Product description said they were made in Taiwan.

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    Cindi McEntee

    I’ve been using Eco Tools bath gloves for years or since I discovered them. They’re the ONLY bath gloves I want to use. I’ve tried other bath gloves from many other makers and Eco Tools bath gloves hold up. By that I mean that they don’t start either coming apart after the first use and they don’t “pill up” for a long time. What I mean by “pill up” is that the glove actually starts to have bumps or “pills” all over the gloves as I use them or little areas start to “ball up”. I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.It’s a bonus that these gloves are made from recycled materials. I just wish they had a recycling program so that the gloves themselves could also be recycled into either new gloves or some other product. Otherwise, I highly recommend these bath gloves. They hold up well & can last a long time.

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    Todo bien

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    My husband was due for some new shower gloves! These are perfect! He loves the dark manly black color these come in and say they scrub better than his old cheapy ones! I know you can get a big pack of shower gloves on Amazon for the same price almost, but these are higher quality and will last longer! 🙂

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    Michelle Candler

    These gloves are a good ADDITION to your bath/shower routine, but they do not effectively WASH your body even with shower gel/body wash. My skin was lacking that fresh, clean feeling. So I went back to my normal loofah and put these in a cabinet.These gloves would be good for people who use self-tanning products or at times when your skin really needs extra exfoliation. That’s simply not my case.

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    I always buy eco tools gloves. I thought this was multi color but they were all green. Maybe I didn’t read. Buttttt I don’t know if they changed or if this is knock off. But not as rough as usual. Softer to touch and not as exfoliating as the older pair I had. Gets the job done. Will update post a laundry wash that might toughen them up.

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